Scriptwriting in Google Docs

G-Script is a browser extension that allows you to use Screenwriting Shortcuts and Scene & Dialogue Counter in any Google Doc

Used by 300+ Screenwriters globally
Why G-Script?

Made by screenwriters - for screenwriters

G-Script has all the features you need to write a standard formatted script. Without the headache of a pricey fee and tons of useless features

Industry Standard Formatting

G-Script automatically formats your scripts in the Hollywood standard formatting, but in a Google Doc, so you can invite unlimited collaborators or export your script as PDF or Word.

Real-time collaboration

Use the perfectly crafted collaboration features of Google Docs which everyone is familiar with.

Easy to share

Share your document with producers, collaborators or friends, let them make comments or changes if you want or allow them view only! 

Version history

Google Docs has a great version history, so all your changes are documented and can be made undone with a click. 

Step by step

How it works

We’re more than a script writing platform. Our extension works directly in your Google Docs.

Download the extension
Create an account
Open a Google Doc
Open the browser extension
Click on start writing
Start writing!

Download the G-Script Browser Extension

Click on the browser you are using to get the extension and start writing today! 

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