Our story

G-Script emerged from the collective vision of scriptwriters worldwide.

Our journey began with a simple need: a scriptwriting template that leverages Google Docs' unparalleled collaboration features, allowing writers to easily share their work.

Why we created G-Script?

Driven by this need, we created a groundbreaking scriptwriting tool that integrates seamlessly with Google Docs. It offers intuitive shortcuts and professional-grade features, such as scene and dialogue counters, designed to streamline your writing process.

As screenwriters ourselves, we understand the industry's challenges—overpriced software bloated with unnecessary features, coupled with the hurdles of collaboration. Typically, co-writers must also purchase the software, and sharing outside the platform complicates matters further, often requiring scripts to be exported in unfamiliar formats.
G-Script is the solution to these challenges. We offer an affordable way to craft professional scripts and share them effortlessly using Google Docs' collaboration tools. It's as simple as that!

Just a note

On Privacy & AI

As screenwriters we know that privacy and data protection is of the utmost importance! Your scripts are safe with us, we have no technical possibility to read them neither does our AI tool. The tool can only see as much text from your script as you highlight, plus 50 characters before and after. And it has no memory.

Also, Google is not accessing your documents except if there is a legal case against you for example if you murdered someone THEN the FBI may want to read your script - but hey: Bad promo is better than no promo, am I right?

Ben Schmid
For all support questions and feedback: [email protected]

Thanks to all the friends and helpers from the screenwriter community: Special thanks to: Lana Steibis, Dan Jozwiak, Jenny Holmes, Carlos Magiera, Lana Huxley, Paula Fuchsberger.

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