Frequently asked questions

We thought you'd ask. So we've assembled a short list of answers to the most common questions we get.

Can I share a script with other writers?

Yes, you can use the normal Google Docs functions to share your script with whoever you wish.

Do my co-writers need a subscription too?

People can access the script you shared with them without having to subscribe. They can work in the doc too, using all its features from Google Docs. If they want to write in the script, using the short cuts and the other G-Script features, they need to have a subscription.

Is my script safe with G-Script?

Absolutely. We do NOT read your script and are technically not able to do so. Also, our AI tool is not accessing your script except from that part that you highlight plus 50 characters before and after.

Do I keep the rights on my scripts?

100% at all times.

How do I start using G-Script?

Click on “download the extension” on our website www.g-script.org install the extension according to your browser. Then open a google doc - it must be completely empty - and click on the G-Script Extension. If you never used it, you have to create an account. If you have an account, log in. Then click on the button that says, “start writing”. 

The extension says “No session found”

Please check if your document is completely empty, then try again. If yes: Please check if your subscription is active and you are logged in.

Do I have to access g-script via the extension?

No, we also offer a web application. Go to g-script.org and click on “log in”.

Is there a web application?

Yes, we also offer a web-based application. Go to g-script.org and click on “log in”.

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