Script template google docs: The best way to script formatting

Script template google docs: Have you ever asked yourself how to write a script in google docs? How to write in industry standard formatting using google docs.

Ben Schmid
Ben Schmid
March 23, 2024

"Is there an easy way to write scripts in Google Docs?" you might ask - and the response is yes! There exist numerous Script Layouts for it. Nevertheless, it is advisable to refrain from using a so-called template, as detailed in this article. Moreover, I will reveal a more efficient method for writing your script in G-Docs without the need for costly screenwriting software or manual formatting.

The most important points of this article: (TLDR)

  • Writing with templates can be time-consuming and error-prone
  • You’ll never know if the script formatting is actually correct.  
  • They don't provide all the necessary features for a seamless writing flow
  • Instead: Use a screenwriting formatting tool for Google Docs for professional grade screenplay format.
  • G-Script enables you to write professional-grade screenplays directly in Google Docs.

What is a Script template?

Writing your script on Google Docs is an excellent choice since there are a number of ways to share your script with co-writers and producers to collaborate (in real time).

But: Formatting is crucial when writing a script for TV, a movie, or anything similar. There is a common industry standard in which scripts have to be formatted, so others understand what the writer meant. This is about font size, margins, the scene header, the first page, character names, and spaces between paragraphs.

But how do you format your script the right way while writing in Google Docs? Sure, you can do it manually by using the ruler to align dialogues, etc. But this is detailed work and exactly the reason why writers are looking for a screenplay formatting tool. It is like a pre-written sheet which you can replace with your own.

Is there a screenplay template for Google Docs?

Yes - there are plenty of pre-made Docs - HOWEVER there are some downsides of using it. To get an overview over the advantages and disadvantages, check the following list:


  • It’s free
  • You don’t have to sign up to any software to use it


  • It is time-consuming to use
  • You focus on getting the format right instead of concentrating on storytelling and dialogue
  • No scene & dialogue counter available
  • Prone to errors
  • Especially annoying when writing longer scripts (5+ pages)

I recommend using a template only if you want to try out screenwriting as a hobby or short scripts. As soon as you have to write for something that goes into production or is made for pitching - you need a professional tool.

There is a lot of screenwriting software out there, but most of it is expensive and collaboration is difficult since they are not integrated into Google Docs.

Does Google have a script writing software?

Yes! G-Script is particularly made for writing a professional-grade script using Google Docs. It allows you to use shortcuts which makes you write faster and more intuitively. You can focus completely on your story while writing.

Also, it has a scene and a dialogue counter which is very important for collaborative work. This is how you start professional screenwriting.

How does G-Script work?

Pretty simple: You open a Google Doc (which has to be empty) and you click on a button to start the extension. An editor will open over your Google Docs and you can start writing using the shortcuts and the right formatting.

After you finish writing you close the editor by clicking on one button and your script is saved in the Google Docs.

Then you can open it again and keep writing, or you can share the document with others, giving them “view only” access or letting them edit the document.

You can use all of Google Docs' many features, including the “version history” to check earlier versions or the comment function.

Try G-Script for free and see if it works for you: LINK.

What did we learn from this article?

Script Templates for Google Docs are a cheap way to format your script or play. However, it is not recommended for writers who want to pitch their script or who write for a production. Mainly because free premade sheets are not guaranteeing you the industry standard format.  It requires a lot of manual adjustment which can easily lead to errors in your formatting. Plus it requires more time - which some writers, especially if they are just writing as a hobby, are ok with.

Another reason is that a script template does not provide you with a title page, a scene, and a dialogue counter, which is an important feature if you write longer scripts (+5 pages). Of course, you can also add the counter manually, if you have the time and focus to eliminate mistakes here but an automatically inserted counter helps you to write faster.

Altogether I recommend using G-Script, a screenwriting tool made especially for writing a screenplay in Google Docs. It features the right formatting, shortcuts for quick and intuitive writing, and a scene and dialogue counter.

Its big advantage is the seamless collaboration via Google Drive which allows you to invite as many people as you want into the script without them having to subscribe - something which other screenwriting programs require your collaborators to do.

You can download the G-Script browser extension here for free, simply click on this LINK. It is free for seven days so you can try it out to see if it works for you.